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About Us

elderly woman with her caregiverWhat does your family get from Happy Family Adult Day Care? It’s more than just safety oversight for an elderly or disabled loved one. It’s the comfort and peace of mind that they are cared for by professionals during day time.

Happy Family Adult Day Care’s mission is to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for families who have elderly or disabled loved ones whom they love but cannot take care of on their own.

Surely, leaving their seniors at home during the day is risky and would not be an ideal situation especially if they had Alzheimer’s or mobility-impairments.

To solve this dilemma, their loved ones can be dropped off at Happy Family Adult Day Care where there are recreational activities, safety supervision and delicious meals prepared for all participants.

We can also arrange for nursing care, therapy and other specialized services for patients with dementia. Please call 239-800-3803 for more information about our services.