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Day Care ServicesAssisted Living Services
Starts at $15 per hourBeds start at $2,800
Day care activities are provided such as TV shows, movies, puzzles, board games, bingo, karaoke, etc.

Day care services are available 24/7 at any time.
Rooms are fully equipped, and caregivers are available at all times.

Prices above may vary depending on variables such as physical condition of person(s). Such variables are determined and examined in the first interview conducted with possible attendees. Those with Long Term Care will be responsible for paying the difference in prices.

Additional Services:

  • Women’s Haircut including Hair Wash and Style: $50
    • with dye: $10 extra
  • Men’s Haircut including hair wash and style: $30
  • Nails including cutting, filing and painting: $10
  • Shower including drying hair: $20 per shower
    • If you are having a hard time bathing your loved one at home, this service can be useful. Your loved one will be bathed, their hair dried, and dressed. This service is included with assisted living, but not day care.

If you are looking for specialized care, please call 239-800-3803 and talk to our care coordinator. We are open to adjusting our programs to fit the specific needs of your elderly loved one.